If you are extremely conscious of the way that you look, then you definitely need to read the whole article. Blackheads are often a common facial feature, more so than you would shake a stick at – puns aside, they are thought to arise from various conditions ranging from oily skin to dirt. But here’s the clincher, you would be surprised to know that most of the so-called reasons are not the real ones.

The fact is that a blackhead is caused by a skin pore, that has an overactive sebum gland, and as the pore is open to the air, it soon turns black and hence the term, “blackhead”. But in case you were wondering what causes your skin-core to go black, you can chalk it up to melanin – the chemical that maintains the color of your skin, and as melanin oxidizes, it turns from tawny brown to black.

Blackheads are disgusting to look atOne of the common household cures for blackhead seems to be to squeeze the same but squeezing a blackhead is just bound to make the worse and in the process, cause you some pain and discomfort as well. If you are keen to know how to avoid blackheads, then do read on.

How to get rid of blackheads and how to prevent them from reoccurring?

One of the most effective ways to prevent any blackhead is to reduce the oil gland in the concerned pore that causes it to swell and become black over time.

Use a Retinoid

There are various budget-friendly retinoids that you can use to shrink the oil glands in the open pores and in the process, help prevent any blackheads from forming. Retinoids are simply Vitamin A, and they can help you reduce sebum activity on your skin and soon, your complexion should be flawless sans any blackheads.

Get Control of Your Diet

It is important that you pay close attention to what you eat; an oily complexion can help encourage blackheads, and your diet plays an important role in the same. When it comes to your diet, what you eat could end up causing your sebum glands to be overactive. The most common food items that cause your sebum glands to act up are the insulinotropic ones, high GI foods, and high GL foods and of course, Sugar. You may want to consult a proper dietician as to a healthy diet. It goes without saying that your diet plays a key role with regard to your health and your overall body fitness and to an extent, your blackheads as well.

Do Not Scrub Them Away

First understand that blackheads are about and trying to scrub them away is going to give you pain, discomfort and may cause more blackheads to form in the same area. Blackheads are an oxidized mass of oil and dead skin cells, and as oil in the skin pore gets oxidized, it turns black. Granted that it may mar the way you look but with the help of a few over the counter products like Salicylic acid gel, you should be able to resolve the issue without much pain or fuss.

Micro-Needling Treatment

You can always head to a skin clinic and opt-in for a micro-needling treatment. Basically, the skin clinic would use low energy, low energy, non-ablative lasers to heat and clean under the top layer of your skin. This would allow you to clean your skin pores and remove blackheads completely. It could be a tad expensive so you may want to check the cost of this treatment at a skin clinic near your current location, but there are plenty of benefits of micro-needling treatment.

Acne Medicine

It may seem inane to ask you to try out medication meant for other purposes, but acne occurs because of overactive oil glands, and the same is true here as well. So, try out some of the over the counter acne medication, and you’ll find that it works like a charm on your blackheads. What’s more, with the right acne medication, you should be able to get rid of your blackheads and even prevent more from forming in its place.

Keeping your face hydratedMoisturize your Skin

This advice may be a bit out there, but when you try out various skin treatments on your skin, you will find that it strips out most of the moisture from your skin. You need to moisturize your skin regularly as you use various skin treatments to help you remove the blackheads. Just remember that most of the exfoliating products that you use may cause your skin to dry up, and this may cause further blemishes on your skin. Naturally, it is important that you moisturize regularly so that you can continue using the various exfoliating products. There are many Korean Beauty / K-Beauty routines that emphasis on the benefits of layering your skin with different moisturizers, toners, and essence. Get your hands on some of the products that are suitable for you and keep your skin well moisturized.

Keep Out of the Sun

If you do have blackheads, then you also need to ensure that you keep well out of the sun or at least, use a powerful sunscreen lotion to prevent UV radiation. Remember that blackheads become ‘black’ from oxidization, and the longer you are out in the sun without any protection, more blackheads may well form on the facial area. Given this, you may want to limit the amount of sun exposure by opting for a good sunscreen.

These are some of the ways by which you can remove blackheads that form on your face and even help prevent new ones from forming. Just remember that a blackhead is not the end of the universe – rather it can be removed easily, and what’s more, you can easily prevent others from forming. Just remember that it is not a good idea to scrub out the blackheads or to try and pick them out with your fingers or to squeeze them out.

You can always gently exfoliate your face and the blackheads on the same, with some gentle soap or gel, before you try out some of the tips posted above. You can also try out some homemade remedies for dealing with blackheads such as baking soda. Just mix baking soda with some water and use the same on your skin to exfoliate it, that should do the trick.