With the advent of technologies, we have received numerous boons of appliances for our convenience and comfort. However, when it comes to maintaining the appliances, keeping it prim and proper, none of the owners make the minimum efforts.

Regular activities that are visible directly are complied with such as cleaning of the house gutters, maintenance of the garden, etc. Nowadays, we tend to take our appliances for granted; for example, we forget how vital clothes dryers are in our lives.

You may think that these appliances do not need cleaning, but that is not the case. Customers tend to neglect the fact that these appliances for convenience also need at least essential maintenance unless and until a part of it breaks, or the dryer stops working altogether.

dryers as fire hazardsThere is a dire need to understand that the dryer vent needs regular cleaning to avoid any kind of discrepancies in its machinery. Not cleaning them on a regular basis may also cause a fire hazard in the appliance, which is a widespread occurrence in the U.S.

Reports suggest that although the practice of regularly cleaning the lint trap is good, yet it is not enough to keep off the vent from catching fire. Your dryer vent has to let out its exhaust appropriately, or it may cause overheating increasing the chances of a fire hazard.

You can either try to clean the vents regularly yourself or more conveniently adopt professional help to save time and opt for experts to do your work. The principal reasons to have your dryer vents professionally cleaned are:

  • Life-threatening fire hazards

Statistical data by the U.S. Fire Administration shows that around 15, 000 fires each year are caused by dryer vents and maximum of them are due to clogged vents.

Clogging is caused due to the accumulation of lint from your clothes in the vent, and this substance is a highly flammable substance which can catch fire soon. Overused dryers can also catch fire really fast and present a hazard to the residents of a house.

  • High-consuming energy bills

Clogging of lint in a dryer vent may cause the clothes to dry up slowly and hence, may cause an enormous consumption of energy, much more than is typically required. Ultimately, this will lead to larger bills and cost you even more rather than hiring professionals to clean your vents. Energy efficiency is also a major factor here since the wastage of electricity is caused by households due to over-utilization of energy.

  • Time efficiency

A clogged and overheated dryer takes more time to dry your clothes. Congestion in dryer causes complexity to let the humid air break out from the vent. Excessive lint in the vents may cause damage to clothes as well as the equipment delaying the simple process furthermore.

Less damage to clothes and the dryer – it is merely that in a dryer if lint is enclosed, then it will automatically affect the quality of the clothes since it will dampen a load of clothes up for drying.

The process of drying up the fabrics takes longer in a clogged dryer. Subsequently, this will result in the stack of clothes to dampen when the process gets over. A damaged or unclean vent accumulates more lint from the clothes and thereby, causes wear and tear of the equipment much before its survival period.

Along with damaging the quality of clothes, accumulation of lint due to irregular maintenance places an excessive amount of stress on the equipment. The extra damage to the dryer will reduce its life by damaging the parts more quickly.

Having your dryer cleaned by professionals regularly will save your thousands of dollars on repetitive repair work and prevent you from buying a new one.

A minimum amount of effort on your part can increase the lifetime of your equipment. Texas residents can look up for TX Appliance Repair and find a reliable company that can offer suitable cleaning schedules for your dryer vent on reasonable prices.

  • Emission of poisonous gases

Accumulation of lint due to occasional cleaning causes emission of dangerous gases such as Carbon Monoxide. These gases may build up in the vent and release itself in the area where the dryer is kept or seep into the clothes causing damage to your health without even you noticing it.

  • Prevention of pest Infections

Keeping your dryer vent unclean may cause accumulation of lint not only in the vent but also around the outflow pipe. The clogged vent provides a suitable environment for such insects and other pests to find comfort in the humid surroundings of the dryer. The dirt attracts such insects to breed around the filthy vent.

An actual dryer ventRodents too find solace in such dirty surroundings and find the environment cozy to make a habitation there. These unhealthy situations can be plainly and simply resolved by the hiring of professionals to clean the clothes dryer vent for you.

Signs that your dryer needs cleaning are simple such as heating up of your clothes unnecessarily, the room feels excessively warm when the clothes are inside the dryer, clothes after the drying up present a strange burning smell, the hood of the vent does not open properly, or more than one year has passed since you last got your vent cleaned up.

All these simple signs, along with the warning that visible lint or dirt is showing in the vent, are signals that your dryer vent needs rigorous cleaning that can only be done by the professionals.

Investing a small amount can save you from spending double the amount on unnecessary repairs or changing the entire equipment altogether. When you buy such conveniences, you should also keep in mind that just like our body, these appliances also need occasional maintenance to keep up to their life.

Professional cleaners have the tools and the necessary training needed to take care of your vents. Along with using household brushes, they will also use vacuum cleaners to ensure perfection. When we clean up, we may tend to miss the turns and bends. However, the hired professionals have no chance of missing out of them. Hence, hiring them is the best option possible.