Whether you are an established musician or an upcoming one, preparing for any show is very important and nerve-wracking. It is not easy to decide what you will include and what not to include on that day. This is because we often want everything to be perfect so as to leave a lasting impression on our audience.

However, you can reduce the anxiety and the stress by making sure you do the following and put this tips into action.

Tips For a Great Show

1. Practice

We all know that practice makes perfect so, taking time out of your day to play your instrument or sing a particular song you want to improve on is very important. Have a specific time set for each day or each week when you practice and do nothing other than that. Doing this will help you perfect your craft and you can be assured of a great show.

Practice before a live performanceIn case you have any skills you need to brush up on, you can do this in advance to ensure you are at your best. Take instrument classes or learn from an NYC-based singing teacher and get insights on how to improve your craft.

However, you should not wait until the day of the show to start your rehearsal this will totally ruin it for you. Make sure to start your rehearsal before the show to give yourself time to tweak and change anything as you wish.

2. Develop a routine before the show

Before the show starts, you need to have something you can do to get yourself together and shake off the anxiety. You could take out your journal and write down everything you are feeling or meditate for a couple of minutes. Whatever it is that you do just make sure it is something that calms you down and gets your thoughts organized.

To give yourself that extra boost of confidence, you should consider carrying that one thing that brings you luck. As superstitious as it may sound, many people do believe in luck. It may be that lucky shirt, watch or even underwear that you have. This will go a long way to making your show better.

3. Have a setlist with you

Take some time to plan your setlist and write down what you are going to perform. Also, include when you will be talking to your audience and also write down everything you will say. This will prevent you from any embarrassing moments and ensure you do not offend anyone with your statements.

If you find yourself in a place where you are performing for your friends and also people you don’t know, be sure to speak to all. Do not alienate the people you don’t know by cracking personal jokes that only your friends can relate to.

4. Always warm-up

It is important to get in your warm-up routine before you get on stage. This is to avoid getting on stage and finding that your voice is all rustic. Whatever sounds you need to make no matter how embarrassing they sound, you should go ahead and do it. This is to make sure that once you are on stage, you are able to sing to the best of your ability.

5. Handling mistakes

As you perform, you are bound to make a mistake or a member of your team may completely forget the lyrics to your song. This mistake should not put you down. Continue putting on a great show and all the people in your audience will understand. But if you stop the show then you will be proving to be very unprofessional.

Be sure to talk to any other band members to ensure that you all carry on in case of any mistake.

6. Be flexible

When going for a live show, things may not always be as you had planned. You may get there and find that the sound system is not working or the audience is not yet settled. You have to be willing to compromise and adjust anything that is needed.

You may also find that the time you were told your performance will take place may not be exact. Instead of getting mad and shouting at the organizers be calm and wait for your turn. This will ensure that you don’t get into a confrontation with someone who could easily contact you for other gigs in the future.

7. Know your audience

Your audience is a barometer of your success as a musicianBy knowing your fans you are able to tailor an experience specifically for them. This may be by performing songs that they would really enjoy or by creating merchandise that they can buy and take home. If you decide to create stuff to sell to them then you should make sure to include something that they can relate to. After your show, make sure you or a member of your band goes over to the place where you are selling these items. This will ensure that your fans get to talk to someone from the band which will create a better experience for them. They could even go ahead and get some pictures with you for them to have something they can remember you by.

8, Stay away from all the drugs

During the show, you have to refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking anything that will deter you from doing your best. You should also remember to hydrate especially if you are going to be singing. Taking water will help you cool off especially if the venue is fully packed you are bound to get hot as you perform.

After your show, you are free to go ahead and indulge in all your pleasures. This will also be a good opportunity to interact with your audience but don’t get too carried away. They should still respect you after your show.

By applying these tips you will surely be in a position to provide an amazing experience for both you and your audience. In case it is your first time to perform for an audience, it is okay to have some stage fright. It happens to everyone with experience or not. Just remember that the best way to overcome this is by getting on stage and giving it your all.